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8/6/2020: Important QLEOA BOARD news on Pages & Links < Documents & Pages. Read below.

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 April 2020: Posted on "Our Info < News Letter Archive and on "Pages & Links", find the QLWA Newsletter Spring 2020! Very informative! Thanks Robbie.


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QLWA CCR 2019 is the most current Consumer Confidence Report.

Posted 7/30/2020.

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BOARD Secretary Beverley Carroll asked to post two important documents as of 8/6/2020:

 - QLEOA Annual Meeting 2020 update

 - Biographies of Canditates for open QLEOA Board member positions

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As of 8/5/2020 Nanci Saksek, QLEOA BOARD member, has in addition taken over the position of the Architectural Committee Chairperson. A new QLEOA Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Request Form is available on the website by clicking Pages & Links < Documents & Pages with Nanci's email address attached.

The most recent Architectural Standards and Procedures from July 1,2018, are also available at the same website location.

Please be reminded that all construction and improvements must be approved prior to the start of the work involved. 


 Board Secretary Beverley Carroll posted on 5/22/2020: 

QLEOA Board Spring 2020 Newsletter.

To read: Click "Our Info" < and Newsletter Archive".

Refresh your memory on the current gate code. 



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Sep 5: QLEOA Open Board Meeting 2020
Sep 6: QLEOA Annual membership meeting 2020
Oct 5: QLWA Board of Directors Meeting
Quemado, New Mexico 87829
For Sale

Lot for sale in Quemado Lake Estates

1.38 acre lot with 30amp RV hook up

12x20 deck to park travel trailer next to

Includes a 12x32 shed with water, electric and toilet 

$  55,000 or best offer

call 520 609 3274

Instant Home Value!