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Fiber Optic Cable Install Update June 16, 2022

Per Ryan Carver at WNM Communications, the fiber optic cable has been installed as far as the intersection of El Caso and Largo Canyon Loop.  This is as far as they plan to go for now.  The current copper wires that extend to individual homes will be paired to the fiber optic cable over the next four to six weeks.

Fiber Optic Cable Update April 10, 2022

The Fiber Optic Cable work is scheduled to start on Monday, April 10, 2022. Robert McCallister, with Elite Communications, is heading up this job. This is an open digging effort to avoid breaks and interruptions in water lines and service. The work will begin at the utilities junction box. They will move up El Caso Road, go left at the fork and then turn left at Largo Canyon Loop. They will proceed down Largo Canyon Loop on the East side for about 800 Feet. The junction box will be placed, on Largo Canyon Loop, at the end of the lines, and on the east side. The lines are not  intended to provide fiber optics to individual homes, rather they will provide booster support for the copper lines that exist. The QLWA has a team of committed community members that will be monitoring the dig throughout this project. We are told it will take approximately 3 weeks to complete.


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