Quemado Lake Estates Owners Association

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Website update

Dear Neighbors,

At last years meeting we barely reached the required quorum to proceed. This year, it was refreshing to see so many of you attending the meeting or sending proxies. When estimating the voting power by lot numbers, we had more than half of eligible votes represented during the meeting.

 A self governing community like ours depends on volunteers willing to handle important issues by serving on the board or as committee members. Equally important is the attendance at meetings and in general the participation in neighborhood affairs. Besides social gatherings, the availability of a neighborhood website is essential in today’s world for a functioning neighborhood association.

Perhaps, having our own website created interest. During June, more than 5000 people signed in to However, a representation of a little more than half leaves room for improvement.

As mentioned during the meeting, this website is on a trial period. In the future, it could reach a more important status than just being an informational tool. A successful website, loaded with all of the necessary information will lower the number of letters mailed per year. Every mailing campaign is expensive and requires many hours of volunteer time. Sending invoices via the website and offering advertising to local businesses for a fee, could significantly reduce the HOA costs.

But, not everyone can or wants to participate for a number of reasons. Yes, I can hear you. During my career in the airline business, I was heavily involved introducing new technologies worldwide. What I have learned in this regard over the last thirty years is,

- that it takes time to get changes accepted by any sized group of people,

- human resistance to change always represents the biggest obstacle,

- when something comes around as a better idea and to make things easier, it cannot be stopped.

For QLE, I think a participation of 75% of our community members could be reached. To achieve this goal, I am planning to show everyone with an email address and interested, how simple the steps are to login and to maneuver within our website. Depending on how many of you ask for tutoring, we can even schedule some classes in the near future.

I respect everyone who cannot or doesn’t want to participate. You will be able to stay informed about significant changes within QLE via regular mail as in the past.

Your committee and board members spent numerous hours to update some of our governing documents.

All of those involved were guided by the most challenging task for HOA volunteers: To balance any changes between the traditional collective interests of the community and the respect of individual expectations and privacy. You can find and read the new documents and forms under Documents and Pages on the website.

By looking over the fence of our neighborhood, another change has happened next door. The Easterling ranch is under new management. The former traditional summer Polo games are performing again and everyone is invited to watch. Lance and Susan, the new managers of the ranch,wrote a friendly letter to the QLE neighbors. To learn more, find and read the letter on the website under Documents. The Polo games summer schedule 2018 is also posted.

The home page you are reading, from now on will change frequently. Next on the list will be Susan Clancy with information about the library. The water company will be featured thereafter. If you want your voice heard, a good tool is our blogging feature, aka “Discussions”, which lets you post and interact with everyone participating on the website.

Any suggestions, comments, critics, please email :

Thanks for reading and keep coming back.



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