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QLWA 2018 CCR is the most current Consumer Confidence Report.

Posted 8/21/2019.

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QLWA 2020 Rate schedule

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Board Member and Board Secretary Beverley Carroll posted on 11/19/2019: 

QLEOA Board Fall 2019 Newsletter.

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Posted August 2019 

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Quemado Lake Scholarship Fund:

With your contrubutions to the 2019 Scholarship Drive three (3) scholarships were awarded. Lets help Sandy Farrar and her Fund again his year to make an even bigger contribution to the QHS graduating seniors. If you haven't received Sandy's letter for the 2020 Scholarship Drive by now, put a note to the Discussions blog on this website to be forwarded to Sandy.

The collection deadline is May 1st, 2020  



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May 4: QLWA Board of Directors Meeting
Jun 1: QLWA Board of Directors Meeting
Jul 6: QLWA Board of Directors Meeting
Aug 3: QLWA Board of Directors Meeting
Quemado, New Mexico 87829
For Sale

Lot for sale in Quemado Lake Estates

1.38 acre lot with 30amp RV hook up

12x20 deck to park travel trailer next to

Includes a 12x32 shed with water, electric and toilet 

$  55,000 or best offer

call 520 609 3274

Instant Home Value!