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9/18/18, Trash talk and update on the Baca Pit burn on "Discussions".

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 Trash Talk:

Gary Blasius wrote this morning:

"We need to communicate with our residents on this matter or we will loose something that we cannot live without for disposal of our slash, dead trees etc.!!"

This comment also applies to "illegal dumping" into our garbage container. It's hard to believe that some people within our neigborhood ignore the posted restrictions. Our so conveniently located garbage disposal and the removal of our dead trees and wood at no charge can be lost.

Please join the conversation on "Discussions" and read the entire email from Emily Irwin, district Ranger from the Forest Servive from this morning, asking for: 

"- Ideas of how to keep trash, carpet, building materials, and treated wood out of the pit. We have no authority under the State of NM to burn this material and do not want to expose personnel to the smoke produced from these products."


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Refresh your memory on Evacuation Routes 

Required Addendum QLE sales contract (Sellers responsibility)

QLEOA R&Rs  (short info about important issues) 

QLEOA Architectural Standards and Forms  (RFA and Variance)

Catron County Waste Ordinance

Fire Department ISO rating may reduce your insurance costs

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 New: QLWA 2017 consumer confidence report

             QLWA 2018 website information

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 - NM Roads for road conditions when traveling to/from QLE

 - Opening hours of the solid waste centers and much more on the Catron county link 

 - Wildfire information

 - Read about the Quemado Lake fish die off on NM Game and Fish

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