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Find and read the QLEOA Newsletter for Spring 2019

Board member und Secretary Beverly Carroll posted the Spring 2019 Newsletter.  Click on "Our Info" then under News Letter Archive, click on "Spring 2019 Newsletter".









 A Message from the QLWA office, Mary Griffith:

Here is the list of the customers whose water will be turned off on Thursday, November 1, 2018. 

A8, B5, 6, 7, C4, D9a, E5, G5, H8, J10, 11, K4, L9, M4, N1 & 9, O6, P8, 18, 27, R5 & 9, S3, T13, 18, 19, U4, V12, Z2, 17, 23.  If you are on this list and want your water left on, please call 575-773-4976.

(S6 was just added to the list) 


Those of you who called before leaving for the winter to have you water turned OFF, it is.  Thanks in advance, Mary


The QLWA office number can also be found on "Our Info - Contacts"



Where can you find meeting minutes and recent news letters?

 Click on "Our Info" and select "NewsLetter Archive" and browse through the posted documents. All of the documents and information under "Our Info" are only accessible to members who have signed in to our website.  QLWA meeting minutes will also be posted here soon. 



Please find QLEOA and now QLWA Documents on “Pages&Links”:

For example:

Refresh your memory on Evacuation Routes 

Required Addendum QLE sales contract (Sellers responsibility)

QLEOA R&Rs  (short info about important issues) 

QLEOA Architectural Standards and Forms  (RFA and Variance)

Catron County Waste Ordinance

Fire Department ISO rating may reduce your insurance costs

Check it out and find more on Pages&Links

 New: QLWA 2017 consumer confidence report

             QLWA 2018 website information

             QLWA forms: Water turn on/off, email invoice



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 - Quick Quemado Lake Weather Forecast

 - NM Roads for road conditions when traveling to/from QLE

 - Opening hours of the solid waste centers and much more on the Catron county link 

 - Wildfire information

 - Read about the Quemado Lake fish die off on NM Game and Fish

 - Any other useful link you would like to see here? Please let us know. 





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