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News from QLEOA Board : Spring 2020 Newsletter (Find on Our Info)

We will all miss Kay Oakes.

With a heavy heart, I am posting this message from the QLWA, Quemado Lake Water Association.




"A Tribute to Kay Oakes

Kay Oakes was asked to volunteer to serve on the QLWA Board of Directors and was elected at our Annual Membership meeting in 2015.  She provided great incite to our operations and was always thinking of ways to improve our water system and enhance our employees' abilities to perform all of their duties. Kay served as our Vice President, so she often filled in as President to preside over many meetings and activities in service to our community's water company.  We created turnover folders for all our employees due to Kay's leadership and foresight.  The QLWA Board will miss Kay and her positive attitude to improve our vital organization's abiltity to deliver safe drinking water to our owners and to plan for future growth of our community! We are saddened by Kay's sudden and unexpected passing.  In her typical way of taking care of loose ends, Kay resigned from the QLWA Board just days before her passing. We know heaven is hopping with Kay and George together again. We will never forget the Oakes who shared some great times with all of us! "




QLWA Water Company NEWS


April 2020: Posted on "Our Info < News Letter Archive < Previous News Letters" and on "Pages & Links", find the QLWA Newsletter Spring 2020! Very informative! Thanks Robbie.


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QLWA 2018 CCR is the most current Consumer Confidence Report.

Posted 8/21/2019.

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Board Secretary Beverley Carroll posted on 5/22/2020: 

QLEOA Board Spring 2020 Newsletter.

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Refresh your memory on the current gate code. 



Posted August 2019 

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Jun 1: QLWA Board of Directors Meeting
Jul 5: QLEOA Annual Meeting 2020
Jul 6: QLWA Board of Directors Meeting
Aug 3: QLWA Board of Directors Meeting
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