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QLEOA Homeowner's Dues

QLEOA dues deadline is March 1, 2021 in lieu of the February 1, 2021 deadline that was listed on your invoice.

Please read the important message from HOA secretary Bev Carroll:

 There has been a delay on the mailing of the assessment billing. You will be receiving the bills in January 2021.  Thank you,  Beverly Carroll. 

 QLWA Water Company NEWS

 October 10, 2020. 

 Please read the new QLWA Annual membership meeting report. 

The posting includes meeting minutes from 8/31/2019, from 9/02/2020 and the Treasurer report.

Another article about the major water line leak in early September will be forwarded to the website soon.

You can find the document by clicking on Pages & Links above and then on the left side under

"QLWA New Post 2020" .


Find "Who's Who at QLWA" by clicking on "Our Info" and "Our contact Information" on the above Toolbar. 


 Newly posted 11/20/2020: QLE Fall Newsletter from Board Secretary Beverly Carrol:

 Go to" Our Info" < "Newsletters Archive"

 and still actual, the latest Treasures Report in 2020, the Trash Enterprise Report in 2020 and an edited version of Buyers and Sellers be Aware on "Pages & Links".


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Jul 3: QLEOA Annual Community Board Meeting 2021
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