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Photo courtesy of Jaz Bostick

 Parcel Building Installed

The new parcel building has been installed next to the mailboxes. The combination lock and combination are the same as the one that was on the job box.  A special thanks to Jim Horn for spearheading this effort.

Road Update October 12, 2022

We have a date set to get started on our road improvement project (weather permitting).

Summers will get started on Thursday Nov 4th cleaning the ditches and grading, he will work for about 3 days prepping the roads before the material is scheduled to start arriving on Monday November 7th. We have 60 - 25 ton Transfers of Base and Stone that will start arriving on Monday morning and they are expected to take all week to get all of the material here, placed and graded. We are expecting 12-15 Transfers per day depending on the weather.

Everyone please be aware of the grader work and truck traffic during that week and a half, and I would ask everyone that has brush stacked at the road for pick up, that if it is not picked up by November 4th that you pull it back out of the bar ditch to give us access to all areas.

I will update everyone as we get closer and if we get rained out we will move everything to the week of the 14th.

We will need several volunteers during that time to help guide the trucks to where they are needed as they arrive, If you are interested in helping please Michael Griffin.

Fiber Optic Cable Install Update October 10, 2022

Due to the rain they have not been able to complete the fiber optic cable connection to the copper lines that lead to each home on Largo Canyon Loop.

2021 HOA Meeting Minutes

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